Meet the Team

Kevin Joseph

Founder & CEO

Kevin Joseph is currently part of the class of 2022 at Dougherty Valley High School (DVHS) in San Ramon, California. Kevin is the founder and owner of Windemere Robotics where he teaches engineering concepts, robot design, and programming to 40+ kids. At age 8, Kevin was introduced to programming using Scratch. In 4th grade, Kevin started coding in C++ and has gotten more interested in programming since. In 6th grade, Kevin got exposure to the RobotC, Python, and Java programming languages. Over the last few years, Kevin has developed a keen interest in programming and applying the concepts into robotics. He attributes his understanding of code as well as engineering to this early exposure to the topics. His passion has always been in engineering and mechanics. While Kevin enjoyed building and competing in the VEX robotics competitions, he wanted to go a step further and help kids obtain an interest in robotics and programming.

At the end of 8th-grade summer, Kevin convinced his parents to fund his passion to teach robotics. In June 2018, Kevin created his company Windemere Robotics where he teaches kids engineering concepts, robot design, and how to be more efficient when building machines. Kevin has also partnered with Google and REC Foundation to teach Robotics at the Google Girl Powered Event. In 2018, Kevin pledged to bring more girls into STEM and Robotics. His dream is to create a world where everyone, regardless of gender, race, or class, can have equal opportunities in STEM and Robotics. In 2021, in recognition for his contribution to the VEX Robotics community, Kevin was presented the Mentor of the Year award by CREATE Foundation, the highest award to honor a mentor who exhibits a special ability to reach and teach students.

COVID-19 created a challenge for Kevin to continue his passion to work with his robotics students. That did not stop Kevin from doubling up on efforts to continue teaching robotics. He pivoted to online learning as a way to bring kids together and teach Python programming. The success of this program has been overwhelming and through word of mouth, the program has expanded to include kids in his community and kids from Central and East Coast region. Kevin was given a special invitation to expand this program to include the NorCal Girl Scouts team. The Introduction to Python program course is now used by NorCal Girl Scouts to introduce python programming to all NorCal Girl Scouts.

Joe Fernandez

Joe Fernandez is passionate about helping kids discover their hidden talent and help them explore new possibilities.

At a young age, Joe discovered Kevin’s passion for Robotics and created opportunities for him to develop that into something big. Joe is here to support Kevin as he embarks on a new journey. Partnering with Kevin, we plan to help the kids in our community to become passionate about Robotics.